ArganoNorthPoint Health Check & Optimization

ArganoNorthPoint’s Health Check & Optimization Assessment helps clients validate if they are getting the highest value out of their current Oracle Cloud configuration. We follow a proven methodology that provides our clients with a detailed report of the challenges they are currently facing along with recommendations for stabilization and optimization based on industry standards and best practices. Our goal is to help you identify the root causes for instability as quickly and as cost effectively as possible.  Our focus enables us to provide our recommendations in less than 3 weeks.


  • Interview key stakeholders
  • Review current business processes
  • Best Practice walk thru of the application


  • Review current configurations
  • Measure configurations against Best Practice


  • Detailed report of challenges & recommendations
  • Help prioritize issues
  • Build project timeline for remediation

ArganoNorthPoint Road Map

ArganoNorthPoint’s Advisory Team specializes in engaging with clients who are early in their journey to the cloud.  We’ve found it common that many companies know cloud is in their future, but many questions remain on how to get there, and how they will operate in that future cloud state.

Through a structured process, our Advisory Team will analyze your current platform including business process, customizations, integrations, regulatory requirements, organizational readiness and cultural differentiators and measure those factors against what is organically offered in the Oracle Cloud and industry best practices.

Even if your organization doesn’t believe it is ready for the cloud today, ArganoNorthPoint will help you prepare and build a roadmap that gets you to the cloud in the future.  The combination of our consultants’ practitioner backgrounds and our deep understanding of Oracle cloud technologies allows our team to truly understand your business processes and demonstrate how each process will be improved and streamlined within the Oracle Cloud.  By emphasizing focus on your strategic objectives and future business goals our team will help you find your True North.