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We understand that while ERP implementations intend to be most transformational, they also carry a risk of being disruptive.

Therefore, we have selected and specialize in those functional areas that are most impactful, necessary for almost any ERP modernization journey (Procurement, Projects, Planning and Budgeting, Inventory/Supply Chain Optimization) and tailored them to specific industry-focused Cloud transformation offerings.

Further, we leverage automation tools embedded in Oracle PaaS to streamline data conversion, integration processes and offer part of a standard offering those elements of a typical HCM implementation that until now – because of being cost prohibitive – a rarity in ERP world (e.g. automated parallel run).

Core Finance

(General Ledger, Payables, Receivables, Cash Management, Fixed Assets) Core Finance is a foundation of Oracle Cloud ERP.

At ArganoNorthPoint, we see this area as critical for every implementation.  Firstly, enterprise structures (chart of accounts, financial and management reporting structures) need to follow leading Oracle Cloud implementation practices and reflect functions specific and typical for our client vertical industry.

Secondly, Core Finance configuration should allow Oracle Cloud clients to leverage native functions of subledgers, common data model and pre-integrated, complete and interconnected nature of the ERP suite.  After all, success of any ERP implementation is typically measured by how it streamlines client business operations across individual modules, automates business functionals and optimizes close process.

Planning and Budgeting

We have chosen to supplement Core Finance by Planning and Budgeting by default, recognizing that ability to provide the CFO with real-time financial and operational views of the enterprise is almost always coupled with the requirement to compare the actuals view with financial plan, and accordingly update the company forecast.

By implementing Planning and Budgeting, our clients can create decision-oriented plans, stress test the enterprise by running scenario modeling, retain top talent with workforce planning, plan their capital expenses and understand the financial aspects of their projects.


Another common goal for modern organization looking at modernizing their ERP platform is ability to control, optimize and reduce spend related by direct and indirect procurement.

Because of our industry specialization in ERP, we are addressing a full range of functionalities in the Procurement.  For the majority of our clients Procurement covers the entire set of processes – from supplier qualification, supplier conformance / performance monitoring, through strategic sourcing and procurement contracts management.

Project Financial Management

Especially in industry verticals that NPG specializes on and offers Cloud implementation accelerators, ability to track, monitor and control spend on capital intense projects is critical. At NPG, our implementation focus is on financial aspects of projects, covering project costing, project assets and work-in-progress accounting, cross-organizational or global project execution, both labor and material driven project as well as project-driven supply chain execution.

For project resource management aspects, we are able to both leverage Oracle built-in capabilities as well as integrate with commonly used, industry standard external project management packages.

Inventory Optimization

For those of our clients that operate in industry verticals where inventory is a significant element of their cost profile (e.g. healthcare, manufacturing, eCommerce), we offer Inventory Management and Replenishment Planning as a standard extension of the base ERP implementation package.

Our standard implementation package is tailored to improve inventory metrics, make sure needed supplies are available when and where needed as driven by the real-time demand as the inventory function is closely integrated with Replenishment Planning module and Procurement suite.  Further, real-time visibility into stock levels allows for instant inventory valuation across organizations inventory and supply network.

Finally, our approach to optimize inventory levels allows to optimize the replenishment function using existing Oracle Cloud or legacy ERP systems data or take advantage of clients investment outside the software stack (IoT – intelligent shelves / warehouse solutions, existing warehouse equipment and handheld devices).


The ArganoNorthPoint Global HCM team includes some of the longest tenured employees associated with Oracle Cloud in the country. Our team possesses deep knowledge and modern best practice understanding of HR business operations in US and international environments.  ArganoNorthPoint can guide clients as they strive to standardize their processes and system design across all entities, which allows for more holistic views of their organizations and enhanced business decision making capabilities.

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Human Resources

Global Human Resources is the cornerstone of Oracle’s HCM Suite. ArganoNorthPoint brings the necessary approach and guidance to correctly design and structure this critical application. Oracle’s Human Resource module is more than just tracking employees and demographic information. All security designs, legislative compliance, reporting are all solutioned within this module, and it acts as the backbone for the rest of the suite.

During Global HCM engagements, ArganoNorthPoint experts guide clients through the various decision points relating to global system design, language considerations, and both local and legislatively required data across various countries.  In addition, ArganoNorthPoint assists clients who strive to achieve Safe Harbor Certification, gain Worker’s Council approvals, or meet any additional compliance objectives within their organizations.


Payroll is a mission critical application and the expertise necessary to implement correctly is what we have built our business on. Whether it is an implementation, upgrade, year-end processing or balance and reconciliation, ArganoNorthPoint has the expertise to guide its customer’s use of Oracle Payroll.

The ArganoNorthPoint Payroll and Time team is comprised of a group of seasoned professionals with experience in both running payroll organizations and implementing Oracle Payroll and Time and Labor giving them insight into the day-to-day challenges of a Payroll organization and developing the best possible solutions using Oracle Payroll/Time and Labor.

Time and Labor

Oracle Cloud Time and Labor is a comprehensive, easy to use, rules-based time recording and management system designed to give you maximum visibility and control over your most valuable resource, your people. Natively integrated with Oracle Global HR, Oracle Absence Management, Oracle Payroll and Oracle Project Costing, Time and Labor supports a wide range of time recording needs for both your employees and contingent workforce.

Talent Management

Talent Management is a crucial component of ensuring that organizations are able identify, attract, nurture and retain top talent in today’s competitive landscape. Beyond understanding industry best practices, ArganoNorthPoint consultants provide clients with innovative ideas for establishing cutting-edge Talent Management programs. Performance reviews and goal setting are certainly important, but providing employees with continuous feedback, career direction within the organization and compensating employees based on their impact to the bottom line is what drives a company past its competitors.

Benefits and Compensation

Whether the organization is moving from a benefits broker or 3rd party provider, ArganoNorthPoint consultants help clients streamline the benefit administrative process with the help of Oracle Cloud’s robust and flexible design while ensuring user adoption through a simple consumer-style interface. The Benefits module can handle both simple and complex benefits programs which helps organizations stay competitive in retaining top talent.

Compensation is the linchpin to attracting, motivating and retaining talent within any top tier organization. The Oracle Cloud Compensation tool provides end-to-end compensation management with the ability to model, budget and administer an unlimited number of plans. ArganoNorthPoint consultants will analyze your current process and design your future state based on industry best practices which will provide your executives and management with a deeper understanding of all compensation activity including base pay, incentives, and equity pay. By incorporating performance ratings, goal attainment, and other metrics into compensation calculations your organization will promote a pay-for-performance culture that will help you compete in today’s talent market.

Talent Acquisition

Attracting top talent, reducing time-to-hire and increasing the quality of hires used to be a concern of recruiting teams alone, but today strong executives and HR leaders understand that these data points (and many more) can only be optimized through a focused Talent Acquisition strategy.

Because the Oracle Cloud Talent Acquisition module is built on the same platform as Core HCM and Talent Management, your executive and HR leaders will gain a complete understanding of your inhouse talent, bench strength and the talent gaps your recruiting teams need to address.

ArganoNorthPoint consultants help clients build a talent acquisition strategy that leverages social networks and media in order to expand the target audience of potential candidates that will make a positive impact to the organization. ArganoNorthPoint understands that optimizing the candidate experience is a critical component in ensuring that external talent deems the organization as an “employer of choice.” ArganoNorthPoint consultants help streamline and automate this process so that recruiting teams are spending more time on strategic hires and less time sifting through unqualified resumes.


It’s been debated between HR and Finance teams for countless years, which modules should be implemented first, HCM or Financials?  While technically, there are no barriers to start with either Oracle’s HCM or Financial Cloud Services, there are significant structures and dependencies that need to be considered in order to build a strong foundation for your business.  ArganoNorthPoint has a rich history of helping clients determine which deployment model is right for their organization.  ArganoNorthPoint consultants will do a holistic review across all back-office processes in order to build a deployment strategy that adheres to your organizational readiness across all departments.  This comprehensive approach ensures that business value is maximized and conflicting requirements and/or configurations are eliminated.